Sound Isolation Booths


  ➜ More information at DV Professional Sound Isolation Booths are designed to significantly reduce any sound, achieving acoustic and professional isolation. They provide optimum space for practice, study and recording of voices and musical instruments, voice, dubbing, sound tests and various audiovisual works. They are also designed to control noise in home, offices and industries. The DV structural system is versatile and robust, adaptable models for most spaces and heights. With its […]


  ➜ More information at New detachable ECO Cabins: designed for the study and recording of voices and musical instruments. Voice, musical and audiovisual production, and generally any activity that is necessary to have a isolated place and acoustically treated. They offer a unique panel design supports configurable together to form your ideal cabin, plus a host of accessories that allow you to optimize performance. FEATURES Small parts for optimal […]